Why & How to Become a Member of USA Fencing

Posted on January 25, 2022

Are you ready to jump into your first fencing tournament? Before you can sign up for your first event, you’ll need to become a member of USA Fencing (the governing body for fencing in the US).

USA Fencing has a few different types of memberships depending on your needs. All memberships (with the exception of the Life Membership) are annual memberships, meaning you’ll have to manually renew your membership each season. Memberships cost the same regardless of whether you register on the first day of the season or the last day of the season, so it’s best to sign up as soon as possible.

Types of USA Fencing Memberships


How to sign up for a Competitive Membership with USA Fencing

Competitive Membership

Cost: $85/year

The Competitive Membership is the gold standard of USA Fencing memberships. It allows you to compete in all USA Fencing sanctioned competitions (local, regional, and national), plus gives you some additional perks like the ability to vote in USA Fencing elections, secondary accident insurance, and free spectator admission to national events.

If you plan to compete in regional or national events, the Competitive Membership is the way to go.


How to sign up for a Life Membership with USA Fencing

Life Membership & Life Installment Membership

Cost: $1,200 one-time payment or $120/year for 10 years

The Life Membership and Life Installment Membership offer the exact same benefits as a Competitive Membership, but for the entire lifetime of the fencer. You can either pay for the membership as one flat payment (Life Membership) or pay in installments over the course of 10 years (Life Installment Membership).

If you know you’ll be fencing for a long time, the Life Membership is a smart choice.


How to sign up for a Collegiate Competitive Membership with USA Fencing

Collegiate Competitive Membership

Cost: $45/year

The Collegiate Competitive Membership also gives all of the same benefits as the standard Competitive Membership, but at a discounted student rate. In order to be eligible for the Collegiate Competitive Membership, you must be an active member of an NCAA team or a college club team.


How to sign up for a USA Fencing Access Membership

Access Membership

Cost: $25/year

The Access Membership is a new type of membership in the 2021/2022 season. It has similar benefits to the Competitive Membership, but only allows you to compete in local tournaments (no regional or national tournaments).

The Access Membership can be a good option if you’re brand new to tournaments and/or you know that you won’t be competing in any regional or national tournaments this season.


How to sign up for a Coach Membership with USA Fencing

Coach Membership

Cost: $120/year

The Coach Membership is meant specifically for coaches, referees, and other professionals involved with USA Fencing. In addition to all of the benefits that come with the Competitive Membership, the Coach Membership includes a background screening, Safe Sport training, and professional liability insurance.


How to sign up for a Non-Competitive Membership with USA Fencing

Non-Competitive Membership

Cost: $10/year

The Non-Competitive Membership is solely for providing accident coverage. It does not allow you to compete in any tournaments. This membership is only necessary if you belong to a club that has an insurance policy through USA Fencing.

Modern Duelists uses third-party insurance, so our fencers don’t need to worry about this type of membership.


How to Register for a USA Fencing Membership

You can sign up for a USA Fencing membership at member.usafencing.org/signup. The process is simple: you’ll enter your information, choose your membership type, and pay via debit or credit card.

During the process, you’ll be prompted to choose your club, division, and coach. MoDuel fencers should choose the following:

Primary Club Affiliation: Modern Duelists Fencing Academy
Secondary Club Affiliation: Do Not Affiliate
Division: Maryland (if Maryland isn’t an option, choose Philadelphia)
Coach: Jeffrey Safko or Ryleigh Sweet

You’ll need to show proof of USA Fencing membership whenever you go to a tournament. USA Fencing no longer sends out physical membership cards, but you can download a copy from their website. Go to your dashboard and click “Membership Card” on the right-hand side. You can print a copy or simply keep it on your phone.

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