How to Register for Regional & National Fencing Tournaments

Posted on March 23, 2022

AskFRED is well-known as the hub for local events, but what about regional and national fencing tournaments? To sign up for ROCs, RYCs, SYCs, and NACs, you’ll need to turn to USA Fencing’s own website at You’ll remember this as the same place where you signed up for your USA Fencing membership.

Searching for Regional & National Fencing Tournaments

Clicking on the “Events” tab of USA Fencing’s website will take you to their tournament browser. From there, you can search for tournaments by name or by other criteria. The search filters aren’t exactly intuitive, so we recommend sticking to searching by “Circuit.” Choose from one of the following depending on your age and whether you’re looking for regional or national events:

SYC (Super Youth Circuit): Regional-level youth (8-14) events

RYC (Regional Youth Circuit): Regional-level youth (8-14) events

RJCC (Regional Junior & Cadet Circuit): Regional-level junior (13-19) & cadet (13-16) events

RCC (Regional Cadet Circuit): Regional-level cadet (13-16) events

RJC (Regional Junior Circuit): Regional-level junior (13-19) events

ROC (Regional Open Circuit): Regional-level senior (13+) events

NAC (North American Cup): National-level events for all age categories

Searching for Regional and National Fencing Tournaments


If you’re a MoDuel fencer and want to find nearby regional/national tournaments without searching though everything in the US, you can check out our list of upcoming tournaments instead.

REgistering for Regional & National Fencing Tournaments

Once you’ve decided on a tournament, the process for registering is straightforward. Click on the individual event(s) you want to attend (e.g. Division II Women’s Epee) to add them to your tournament cart; if you want to attend multiple events, add all of them before you checkout.

Registering for Regional and National Fencing Tournaments

Next, click on “Registration Checkout” to checkout and complete your registration. You’ll be promoted to sign a waiver and pay the entry fee (usually $75-$200) before you’re officially signed up.

Registering for Regional and National Fencing Tournaments


Open Vs. Late REgistration

Regional and national fencing tournaments require registration by a certain deadline, typically 3-4 weeks before the event. This is the “open registration” period. If you wait longer than this to register, you’ll have to pay the late registration fees which are triple the normal fees. If you don’t want to pay $500 for a tournament, make sure to sign up early!


Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

USA fencing requires fencers ages 12+ to upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination to their website in order to register for national fencing tournaments. For more information, visit USA Fencing’s website here. This applies to all national events and select regional events.

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