Learn to Fence in Maryland and Delaware

Modern Duelists Fencing Academy | Elkton, MD

Modern Duelists Fencing Club | Elkton, Maryland
505 Blue Ball Road, Building 205, Elkton, MD 21921
Our main facility is located in the Triumph Industrial Park, just minutes off of I-95. Classes are held in our 3,600 sq.ft. fencing room, equipped with five regulation fencing strips, two practice strips, and over a dozen different wall, standing, and hanging targets. Students also have access to a fully-stocked armory for equipment repairs, a weight room for auxiliary training, and a break room/kitchenette.

There’s something for everyone at the original Modern Duelists location. Kids, teens, and adults of all skill levels—including complete beginners—can learn to fence at our Elkton, Maryland fencing club.

Moduel Wilmington | Wilmington, DE

Siegel Jewish Community Center

The Siegel Jewish Community Center
101 Garden of Eden Road, Wilmington, DE 19803

Our newest location at the Siegel Jewish Community Center in Wilmington is Delaware’s one and only fencing club! Kids and teens can learn to fence at MoDuel Wilmington starting in January 2024.