Coach Justin Tirrell
Coach Justin Tirrell

Coach Justin began his fencing career at the University of Delaware and has been a member of the Modern Duelists’ community for nearly ten years. He regularly competes at local, regional, and national levels and has been coaching all age groups since 2017, at all levels of competition. Coach Justin is a certified referee and is working toward a Monituer coaching certification through the USFCA. He is passionate about the sport, enjoys sharing his competitive knowledge with other fencers, and loves individualistic problem-solving with his students through bout analysis and deep-dives into their unique body mechanics.


Modern Duelists Fencing Academy
Modern Duelists Fencing Academy
505 Blue Ball Road, Elkton, MD

Modern Duelists is located in the Triumph Industrial Park, just minutes off of I-95. Classes are held in our 3,600 sq.ft. fencing room, equipped with five regulation fencing strips, two practice strips, and over a dozen different wall, standing, and hanging targets. Students also have access to a fully-stocked armory for equipment repairs, a weight room for auxiliary training, and a break room/kitchenette.


Dec 16 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Conditioning Class

Age Requirement: 13+ (or younger with coach approval)
Prerequisites: Completion of a beginner program or equivalent experience
Equipment: Mask, glove & epee
Difficulty: Hard
Duration: 1 hour


Saturdays @ 12:00PM


For students looking to become better athletes, we have the Conditioning Class. This class is all about increasing strength, endurance, and explosiveness in our fencing. The exact contents of the class vary depending on the level of the current students, but expect a lot of footwork and a lot of sweat.

The Conditioning class is an hour long and meets once a week.

Want to learn more about joining our Conditioning Class?

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